Meet the faces of our collections

We believe that great companies stem from great people. Our people are just not staff they're family. The face of each collection are everyday people. With our fabulous family running the show, we’re confident that you’ll get great products and the best service every time you shop our store. Learn more about our fabulous family below.

Kate C. 2022.png

Kate Coble

The face of the Spa Collection

Hi, I’m Kate. Going to the spa is all about self-care and relaxation. Like most busy moms, I don’t get many opportunities to visit an actual spa so I have to improvise! I stay on the go trying to navigate the chaos of life and kids and family. It’s so easy to forget myself. When I take a few minutes to treat myself with these products, I remember to center myself in my body instead of my crazy head! Even 5 minutes makes a huge difference. That’s why I’m thrilled to be the face of Bella’s spa collection. These products have been saving my sanity for years!

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Lyn Gardena

The face of the Spa Collection

This team member brings their delightful personality and professional experience with them everyday they come in to work. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without our trusted Customer Service Representative.

Gracie P. 2022.png

Gracie Pounder

The face of the Renew Collection

Hi everyone, my name is Gracie Pounder. I am a mother of 3 kids, I was born in Mexico and raised in Yuma, Arizona. I’m a model, mua, fashionista, influencer, and the face of RENEW COLLECTION by Tina Foy Faust. I’m super excited & grateful to be part of this amazing skincare collection and part of the team. 

Ken F. 2022.png

Ken Faust

Face of the Men's Collection

Hello, I'm Ken Faust.   I'm a family man, music enthusiast, and gamer. I have always taken pride in my looks but not my skin until I met my life partner and friend Tina Faust who was a model. She opened my eyes to the importance of skincare as she made her transition to finding a solution to her skin problems and created Bella by Tina Foy. The products have my skin and beard looking and feeling amazing.